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first 1am selfie wow


first 1am selfie wow


Do you ever just realise how much you adore your best friend?

you could be the king but watch the queen conquer - ft. Alana Cordell


ever buy a figure that you realize you just don’t want and no one will buy it off you? well, here i am.

what you get:

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Here are some tips if you are writing a character who is aromantic or asexual until they meet the right person:
1) Don’t

before i am your daughter, your sister, your aunt, niece or cousin, i am my own person, and i will not set fire to myself to keep you warm - for the women with claws.

And like the fire and the ice, they are not lethal only when they are together.

And like the fire and the ice, they are not lethal only when they are together.



despite anime circumstances






despite anime circumstances

Will / Alastair~


Will / Alastair

Who was the one to propose: Uhh probably Alastair since he seems to be the more pro-active one in terms of serious shenanigans in the relationship. But hey, at least Will gets a beautiful and snazzy ring and a cheesy (but equally romantic) proposal (:

Who stressed more over wedding planning: Alastair, definitely. He’s the one who proposed for a reason—//mauled|D But nah, Will’s just very heads on with wedding planning, just more calm and decisive I imagine.

Who decorated the house: Well, I imagine Will moved in with Alastair, so the majority of decoration was already taken care of? Will would still move some of his own ornaments and belongings in, however— probably asked to paint or change the scheme of some rooms in the future aha

Who does the cooking: Both can cook, though Will probably doesn’t particularly like cooking, so Alastair mainly aha— If Al came home from work a little weary or tired though, Will would cook for them~

Who is more organized: I imagine both are pretty organised people, though visually and physically, I imagine Alastair wins in that regard aha

Who initiates bedroom fun: William Anderson, of course |D

Who suggested kids first: Alastair was most likely the first to bring up the idea of kids, though I’m doubtful anything ever came of it. Will took a long time to settle into a committed relationship, so I highly doubt he’d settle to the commitment of raising a child (especially when he’s not fond of children to begin with??) — It would just be one of those things they’d need to talk about u v u

Who’s more dominant: I imagine neither are particularly— Will is the more initiative one, though both are on equal terms and whatnot in terms of sex and sexual acts? In terms of casual, everyday life, I’d say they’re again on equal terms— neither is dominant or submissive etc

Who’s the cuddler: Will’s a rather clingy person, so I imagine it’d be him cuddling Al more than anything u v u

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: I like to think Will is the little spoon in most cases, living up to the height difference (however small it is |D)— I doubt they’ll always stick to one particular role each, though that’s the most common in my mind~

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Being the gayest domestic couple in the history of couples (since Jack and Christian Demon!AU lol ) — But really, probably just spending quality time together, curled up watching bad TV shows and movies, sharing baths / showers, sharing memories from childhood and past experience before meeting one another— and so on ; v ; sorry Ella bby if I missed anything amazing cute out sdfghjkl; 

Who cooks: As said earlier, both cook depending on the day and situation u v u

Who comes home drunk at 3am: Neither on a regular basis, though I can imagine Will would come home on the odd occasion drunk at that hour (sorry for your mess of a boyfriend, Alastair u v u) 

Who kills the spiders:  Alastair omg— Will thinks they’re disgusting and won’t go near them if he can help it aha

Who falls asleep first: I imagine Alastair is first to fall asleep, what with being a productive member of society and having a job—//mauled|D 

A head canon: My head canon is totally domestic (shut up I’m not obsessed what) in the way that Alastair Cáirbre makes the threat to contact every stupid TV show writer to give them a piece of his perfect constructed criticism and review of the show after terrible seasons and Will simply laughs (yet supports him half-assedly). Another head canon is that they went to the same terrible private school as teenagers yet never knew / acknowledged each other, despite regularly passing one another in the halls and more than likely being in a class or two u v u

Do they have any “rituals”? Uhh nothing I can think of right now?? Probably small, casual / domestic things like getting morning coffee before Al goes to work. Not really ‘rituals’ perhaps, just ‘must do’s before work / bed and such u v u

Who is louder? I think Will is louder in terms of social events, everyday life and such, but Al is louder in terms of their sex lives |D

Who is more experimental? Alastair Cáirbre is probably more experimental, more due to the fact he hadn’t tried out many before Will suggested his own to Al. I mean, Will suggested the kinks, but Alastair was the one who decided to experiment with them so u v u 

Who takes more risks? William Anderson again because he’s a trashbag on the wild side of life ayyye

Do they fuck or make love? A sweet, sweet mix of both— depends on the mood and energy level (it’s like the sims but not lol)

Lights on or off? Both? I imagine neither really have a preference, though Will can appreciate your beautiful face more when the lights are on Al—//smooch|D

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Oh my god, William Anderson |D He’s not even ashamed eheh— though I also like to believe Will catches Al on the odd occasion and it just a mild inconvenience for both of them omg

Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? uhh Will probably as a joke? I imagine he points to people and asks in a carefree way, sometimes plays games and asks Al which famous individual he’d want to partake in a threesome with and such— nothing serious though aha

Who comes first? No idea— I don’t think it’s very important anyway u v u

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? I imagine they’re both pretty good at giving oral, so preference wise I think Alastair would enjoy receiving more? Hey,Will likes to receive his fair share of oral, but Al just likes to mor—//shot|D

Who is more submissive? Depends? I imagine that they’re a couple who’s equal everywhere and they switch quite a bit, so that just depends on the mood and on the night and what kind of thing they want to do then and whatnot. They both enjoy both giving and receiving, and it’s not the matter of being “submissive” or “dominant”, it’s the matter of being close and loved and appreciated, and sex is more than labels it carries anyway. (sorry evy I had to leave this perfect answer because I couldn’t sum it up better e v e I stole your hard work as my own—//mauled|D)

Who usually initiates things? I imagine Will initiates things sexually on the whole, though perhaps Al more so in other aspects of their lives? Will is rather spontaneous mind you, so it’s an open debate ehe

Who is more sensitive? I’d have to say Alastair on this one, though not because he’s an emotional wreck or anything aha— I think it’s just because Will is so…Idk, he just lacks so much sympathy and empathy, among other things and it’s just difficult to be less sensitive than this mess of a man okay omg (how Al puts up with him—|D)

Who has the most patience? I think they both have a pretty good patience each, so I literally have no idea ; v ; Both aha

Which kinks do they share? I imagine a lot of kinks they share are due to experimentation over the course of their relationship, like uhh— they probably shared a few initially, but gained more from one another after sharing their personal kinks and what they’d like to try etc. They probably share kinks such as light D/S and B&D (general BDSM really, though Al was pretty uncomfortable with some kinks and Will respected that), rough sex and dirty talk (if they count as ‘kinks’ per say), and probably more I’ve forgotten omg

Sorry if some things are wrong or I missed stuff out Ella omg— feel free to correct me on anything u v u Enjoy~

NALEX e 7 e


Natalia Brooks / Alexandra Veselov

Who was the one to propose: Natalia with her fancy, expensive ring and extravagantly planned evening |D Alex hasn’t the organisation nor the money for this thin—//shot|D

Who stressed more over wedding planning: Natalia, though only due to the people around her |D On the whole I imagine both were rather excited when discussing wedding plans.

Who decorated the house: Natalia. Even if they weren’t to live in Natalia’s current apartment, Natalia has a lot more fashionable flare omg— please don’t let Alex decorate your home nothing will match OTL

Who does the cooking: Well Alex quite enjoys cooking, so I imagine she’d be cooking more often than Natalia? I don’t even think Natalia likes cooking, it just keeps her alive—//mauled|D

Who is more organized: Oh my God, never Alex. She’s the biggest, most unorganised mess ever. Besides, Natalia needs to be pretty organised, what with her ‘business’ and all e v e

Who initiates bedroom fun: Both depending on their mood? They’re both pretty initiative people u v u

Who suggested kids first: Neither. I think both would be content without kids in their lives.

Who’s more dominant: I see both as very dominating people in all aspects on their relationship, so neither is more dominant than the other (though I imagine they do clash at times because of this pff)

Who’s the cuddler:  Alex likes to both be cuddled and cuddle others, so I’d have to say her. I’m sure Natalia likes to cuddle Alex and be cuddled back, of course— I just see Natalia being the cuddler and Alex being the cuddled more than anything aha

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Alex is totally the little spoon okay— she’s a 5 foot bby who likes to be cuddled and loved and Natalia is huge in comparison (I’m a sucker for height differences and spooning okay e v e)

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Lots of things I can’t remember buuut things like— sharing baths, spending time at Eighth Heaven, shopping (especially lingerie ayyye)— there are other, smaller things like drinking champagne but that’s not really worthy of note in the grand scheme perhaps?? e v e Lots more that I’ve forgotten what

Who cooks: Alex u v u

Who comes home drunk at 3am: If either are drunk at that hour, they’re probably drunk in the comfort of their own homes and fall asleep shortly after omg

Who kills the spiders:  Natalia kills the spiders while Alex lets them outside u v u

Who falls asleep first: I imagine Alex falls asleep first— no particular reason behind it, I just imagine she does u v u

A head canon: Well everything is pretty much canon at this stage omg, though a personal head canon I can imagine they’d both teach one another about each other’s culture and language etc. Like, I imagine Alex teaches Natalia both the language and culture of Russian, mainly because she wants to share that large and important aspect of her own life with the person she loves— and of course, Natalia shares her own culture and language with Alex (sorry this was so poorly written weep— hope you get what I mean OTL)

Do they have any “rituals”? Nothing I can really think of weep

Who is louder? Alex is probably louder in both aspect of general life and their sex lives. She’s just too excitable what can I say |D

Who is more experimental? Neither really.

Who takes more risks? Well— Natalia has used drugs for a long time in the past and continues to sell them presently so— I suppose Natalia. Alex takes risks by hanging out with people like Natalia, though secondary risk taking loses to primary eheh

Do they fuck or make love? Uhh both, though it depends on the situation and mood I suppose??

Lights on or off? Depends on the mood.

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Either of them really? I mean, both masturbate and so they’re both just as likely to catch each other— neither are ashamed either so who cares? |D

Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Neither really. Alex might joke about having asexual Jack join in but of course nothing serious lol

Who comes first? Uhh again I don’t see the importance of this personally?? I don’t really think about it omg

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Idk why I imagine Natalia is better at it (experience and all wink wonk) and Alex prefers to receive it. I mean hey that works out better anyway |D

Who is more submissive? Neither really— both are dominating people naturally, so the submissive would just happen to depend on the course things took in that particular event? 

Who usually initiates things? Both u v u

Who is more sensitive? I imagine Alex is more sensitive when compared to Natalia, though not incredibly emotional individually either.

Who has the most patience? Neither of them. Both of them are pretty impatient, just in different ways I suppose.

Which kinks do they share? Probably a lot of kinks, though not many that involve much restriction such as handcuffs and bondage etc, or pain inflicting on one another (purposefully inflicting pain, at least). I imagine they share a lot of rough habits like hair-pulling, biting, scratching etc, though not much other than that aha

Thank you for the ask bby u v u hope you liked the answers ehe~